Issues 2021 Community Impact

1. What do you believe is the biggest issue currently facing Brentwood residents and how would you address it?

Brentwood is a unique and wonderful City! I think it is the greatest community in the world! Our biggest challenge continues to be growth - especially in how to deal with the growth of communities surrounding us.  I would continue to address this challenge by:

  1. Maintaining prudent, thoughtful and methodical growth, and continuing our strict requirements of 1 acre density and having high development standards. With communities around us rapidly growing, it is vital we continue with experienced leadership that understands Brentwood’s past, the present challenges and with the seasoned vision to see that Brentwood’s future will be even better.
  2. Continuing with strict attention to wise budgeting to keep us financially strong which helps to combat the challenges of pass-through traffic of communities around us.  We will continue to carry out projects, such as the Sunset Road widening, working with the State to get Franklin Rd widened as soon as possible, moving forward with the McEwen Dr. extension, etc. to help with this.  
  3. Supporting the work to keep our City secure.  It has always been very important to the citizens of Brentwood and there has always been great support for our first responders. It is through determined leadership that our Police and Fire Departments are internationally accredited.  We will continue and build on that tradition with our new Police Headquarters and fire Station # 5.
  4. Promoting our quality of life and health through our world class Library, tremendous parks and trails systems and community events, such as the Independence Day celebration, Crockett Park concerts, Movies in the Park!

2. What would you want to accomplish most in your first few months of your term if elected? 

There will be numerous things on the agenda! I will continue with the excellent budgeting process to insure no property tax increase, which this will be our 31st straight year without a tax increase, and I will continue to maintain our tremendous reserves! With faithfulness, I will see the successful opening and operations of our new centrally located Police Headquarters. It will be with prayers and wisdom and great joy that we will be able to safely have our many Crockett Park outdoor events. Begin planning for our newest Park, Windy Hill. Continue to work with Franklin to keep the McEwen Dr extension moving forward. Continue to move forward Fire Station #5 on Split Log Road. To serve and support the citizens of Brentwood in the many ways that I have been able to serve them the last twelve years! It is a pleasure and an honor to serve! A vote for Rhea Little is a vote for Leadership and Service!